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MESA Portal for Providers

MESA Portal for Providers

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid’s transition to a new Fiscal Agent, effective Oct. 3, 2022, includes a new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) and provider portal known as MESA: Medicaid Enterprise System Assistance. The goal of MESA is to enhance connections between health services systems and improve access to health information for Medicaid providers and the members they serve.

Access to the new MESA web portal is required for submitting, adjusting, and correcting claims; to access, save, or print your Remittance Advice (RA); submitting and amending prior authorization (PA) and requests; and verifying member enrollment.

The information and links on this page are designed to help providers register in the new portal and begin using it efficiently.

Click the Provider Login button below to go to the MESA login screen, and follow the MESA Tips below to navigate the portal.




MESA Tip: Outpatient Crossover Claim Submission

MESA Tip: Professional Crossover Claims Guide

MESA Tip: Inpatient Institutional Crossover Claims Guide

MESA Tip: Create A Newborn Enrollment in Provider Portal

MESA Tip: AVRS Quick Reference for Providers

MESA Tip: Delegate Accounts

MESA Tip: Eligibility Verification

MESA Tip: PA Letter – Provider Portal Pharmacy Reports

MESA Tip: Universal PA Form Rules, Part 1

MESA Tip: Universal PA Form Rules, Part 2

MESA Tip: Trading Partner Enrollment

MESA Tip: DUR Override Codes Panel


MESA Provider Portal FAQs

Additional MESA Portal Resources

Key Contacts

Contact/Office Telephone Number
Provider/Beneficiary Services 1-800-884-3222
Provider Services Fax Number 1-866-644-6148
Member Services Fax Number 1-866-644-6050
Automated Voice Response System (AVRS) 1-800-884-3222
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 1-800-884-3222
Pharmacy Call Center 1-833-660-2402
Pharmacy Services Fax Center 1-866-644-6147


CHIP Providers

  • All Mississippi providers enrolling as Medicaid providers and/or CHIP providers must enroll in the new MESA system.
  • All providers enrolling as MississippiCAN and CHIP providers will be credentialed through the MESA system.
  • All providers enrolling as MississippiCAN and CHIP providers must contact each Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) to contract with and enter their provider network.

Additional Provider Resources