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Legislative Updates

Listed below are the updates and summaries of legislative bill enacted during the previous legislative session that revise the powers and duties of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid.

2016 Legislative Session Updates and Summary

Senate Bill 2238  |  SB 2238 legislation

  • Prohibits the Division of Medicaid (DOM) from authorizing payment of part or all of the costs of care and services rendered by any entity that performs nontherapeutic abortions, maintains or operates a facility where nontherapeutic abortions are performed, or is affiliated with such an entity.

House Bill 1650  |  HB 1650 legislation

  • Directs DOM to provide for reimbursement of long acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) insertion at the time of delivery, outside of the current Medicaid All Patient Refined-Diagnosis Related Group Version (APR-DRG) payment methodology, to Medicaid enrolled hospital providers.

To comment on the enacted legislation, contact the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) by calling the main call center switchboard or submitting an online form.

For information about past updates, visit the Legislative Updates Archive webpage.