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EDI Technical Documents

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Technical Documents

To go live in 2022

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) is in the process of implementing a new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), named MESA: Medicaid Enterprise System Assistance, in collaboration with Gainwell Technologies.

In preparation for go-live, each DOM trading partner must undergo Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) testing to ensure the integrity of electronic transactions. EDI testing will begin in the coming months, and trading partners will need to register to be able to test EDI submissions to MESA.

To help trading partners prepare for testing, DOM Companion Guides are available below, which describe the specific technical and procedural requirements for interfaces between DOM and its trading partners. *These are preliminary Companion Guides and will be updated as details are finalized.

Enrollment and Testing Guidelines

DOM Companion Guides

Submission of EDI Transactions

EDI Transaction Testing is conducted to verify the integrity of the format, not the integrity of the data. However, to simulate what will happen in production, trading partners will be asked to send live transmission data to a non-production MESA environment. More than one test transmission may be required depending on the number of format errors on a transmission and the relative severity of these errors.

Click on the image below for instructions on how to create transaction.