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MS Division of Medicaid Job Openings

This Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) is currently hiring for the below positions. The hiring process is under the purview of the MS State Personnel Board (SPB). To apply, follow the links below associated with the position of interest. Job postings may take 2-3 days to appear on the SPB website. Please check the SPB website periodically for the advertisement(s) that are listed below.

Please note the opening and closing dates of the positions for which you are applying. Because of changes to the MS State Personnel Board’s recruitment process, applicants have to apply each time to be considered for a position.

If you have questions regarding these positions you may contact:

  • MS State Personnel Board: 601-359-1406
  • MS Division of Medicaid’s Human Resources Department: 601-359-6059

The DOM is an equal opportunity employer. If you are recommended for hire or promotion, you will be required to submit proof of the possession of the credentials (i.e. license, certification, official transcripts) that you listed on your State of Mississippi Application. DOM has the authority to verify that the information recorded on your application is true and correct.

Current Job Openings

Account/Auditor I, Professional
Central Office – Financial & Performance Review | 25-Hinds County | 8/13/2019 | $37,389,01
This is entry-level professional accounting and auditing work. Accounting functions which may be performed by an incumbent in this position include: the maintenance of various accounting ledgers reflecting a variety of funds; the maintenance of controls and balances on a variety of accounting activities; and the preparation of fiscal statements and reports from various sources. Auditing functions which may be performed by an incumbent in this position include: analyses of accounts, transactions, contracts, and testing of transactions for compliance with established laws, rules, and regulations. Further, the incumbent may conduct and/or participate in analyses of department accounting functions to determine the legality of fiscal activities and the effectiveness of accounting systems. In addition to thorough grounding in principles of accounting and standards of auditing, the incumbent should develop knowledge of state and federal laws in relation to financial administration and familiarity with various accounting systems in the agencies’ accounting procedures that may provide more efficient operation and better internal control. Work is performed in accordance with established regulations, procedures, and administrative directives and under the direction of an administrative superior, accountant, or auditor of a higher classification. Supervision may be exercised over accounting clerks or other clerical personnel.