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Coverage Champions: Help Mississippians Stay Covered

Eligibility renewals to begin April 1

We need your partnership to ensure eligible members can keep their health coverage and those who no longer qualify know where they can go for affordable coverage resources. Sign up to be a Coverage Champion and help us share important information and resources, including the Stay Covered Flyer.

Sign up to be a “Coverage Champion” and help us share important information and resources with Medicaid members.

Use and share the materials in our Toolkit to:

  • Ask members to update their contact information so we can reach them.
  • Educate yourselves on the renewal process so you can effectively help members.
  • Inform members when they need to take action to keep coverage. Please do not tell members to complete a new application if they already have coverage (unless they are adding someone to their household or wanting to change their category of eligibility). This will bog down the system and may result in the member losing coverage if they are no longer eligible earlier than they otherwise would.
    • To learn more, visit: