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Provider Incentive Payments Registration and Accounts

Registration with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Eligible Professionals
When you visit this site you will need your personal NPI, your Social Security Number. You will designate the recipient of your EHR Incentive Payment. You may either pay yourself OR you may designate your payment to go to an established, affiliated payee group (clinic or practice). You will be asked to supply the payee group NPI and TIN.

Eligible Hospitals
You will create a registration with CMS as well. Select Program areas (Medicaid and Medicare). Supply NPI, TIN and CCN information. All Dually eligible hospitals will be able to receive EHR Incentive payments from Medicaid and Medicare. Eligible Hospitals will receive alternating payments from Medicaid and Medicare. The State of Mississippi will issue three Medicaid EHR Incentive Payments over a three year period (1st year = 50%; 2nd year = 40%; 3rd year = 10%)

These is the recommended process with Medicaid and Medicare:

  1. Start with your first attestation to Medicaid.
  2. Go to Medicare for your first 90- day Meaningful Use reporting period.
  3. Return to Medicaid for your 90-day Meaningful Use attestation.
  4. Return the following year to Medicare for your 364-day Meaningful Use reporting period.
  5. Return to Medicaid for your 365-day Meaningful Use attestation.

Creating an Account at the Mississippi State Level Registry (MS SLR)

After submitting your registration with CMS, you are able to create an account with the MS SLR. Use this account to submit your yearly EHR Attestations to the Mississippi Division of Medicaid.

You will need to supply your NPI, Licensing information, Medicaid ID, contact information and ONC certification numbers for the EHR you plan to use in your practice.

Although you may elect to attest for Meaningful Use during your first program year, the recommended approach is to attest for Adopt / Implement / Upgrade. This allows additional time to get your Electronic Health Records up and going. It will also allow for two years of Stage One-Meaningful Use. As providers and hospitals move into Stage Two-Meaningful Use, the reporting requirements become more complicated and complex. Choosing Meaningful Use your first year will not change the incentive payment amounts. It will however, accelerate you into Stage Two-Meaningful Use a year earlier. Your first EHR Meaningful Use reporting period will a 90-day period from the current calendar (fiscal) year. Your second and subsequent EHR Meaningful Use reporting periods will be a 365-day period from the previously finished calendar (fiscal) year. There is an exception for 2014. Because all EHRs will have to be recertified by ONC, you will be allowed to use an EHR Meaningful Use reporting period of 90-days.

Since March of 2011, Mississippi has issued approximately 1700 unique EHR incentive payments to Eligible Professionals; many of whom have returned for their second and even third program years for Meaningful Use. 85% of our eligible hospitals have received first and second year payments as well.

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