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Mississippi Medicaid State Level Registry for Provider Incentive Payments

Welcome to the Mississippi Division of Medicaid State Level Registry for Provider Incentive Payments. Eligible professionals and hospitals can attest for Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Payments through the MS State Level Registry (MS SLR) and learn more information about this program.

As the healthcare landscape continues to modernize, recent legislation was passed to encourage the adoption of Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) technology in documenting patient care. As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, beginning in 2011, eligible Medicaid providers are offered financial incentives for the implementation and meaningful use of Health Information Technology (HIT) in the management of patient populations.

Implementing an Electronic Health Record System in Your Practice

There are many questions to answer before purchasing and implementing an Electronic Health Records System. The diagram below includes steps that will insure that the Certified EHR Technology fits your practice’s needs and that it is integrated into your existing practice workflow. One of the biggest mistakes that we find is when an office moves too quickly through this process and gets saddled with a software package or online service that does not meet the needs of the practice, requires huge workflow changes, and is not user-friendly.

Six steps to implement EHR

Taking a little time upfront will certainly payoff once your new EHR is fully running and becomes a welcomed change in your day-to-day practice. For more information visit the website. You will find many helpful tips that will help you assess your Practice’s readiness, and eventual implementation of an Electronic Health Record System.

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EHR Provider Incentive Program Basic Requirements