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Providers to be informed of changes to Medicaid Provider IDs

As part of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid’s (DOM) transition to a new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), important changes are on the way involving Medicaid Provider IDs. Beginning June 1, 2022, all actively enrolled Medicaid providers will receive letters in the mail detailing changes that will be made to their Provider IDs.

As outlined in recent editions of the Provider Bulletin, DOM is in the process of implementing a new MMIS, which is expected to go live later this year. The new system – MESA – will replace outdated technology with a more efficient version that is easier to maintain. It is being developed by Gainwell Technologies.

The letters that will be mailed to providers will explain the changes impacting Medicaid Provider IDs and exactly when those changes will take effect. The letters will also include information regarding other changes providers can expect as a result of DOM’s move toward modernizing technology. This will improve access to health information for our Medicaid members and our providers who serve them.

The letters will be mailed by Gainwell. As we go forward, in order to stay informed about the status of the new system, providers should be on the lookout for any mail addressed by DOM or Gainwell.

Successful implementation of the new MMIS will support DOM’s overarching objectives of improving health outcomes, elevating quality, lowering spending trends in Medicaid, reducing unnecessary burdens on members and providers, as well as increasing transparency to the public.

Providers can expect to receive more information in the coming weeks as the system gets closer to go-live, including the opportunity to test Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions. Providers can also learn more about the MESA and find the latest updates on the system implementation on DOM’s website at

Published June 1, 2022