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MississippiCAN Provider Information

Prior Authorization

Medicaid and MississippiCAN Pharmacy Prior Authorization Contacts

Payer Provider Contact Beneficiary Contact
Mississippi Medicaid Pharmacy PA Toll-free: 877-537-0722
Phone: 601-359-6685
Fax: 877-537-0720
Toll-free: 800-421-2408
Phone: 601-359-6050
MississippiCAN Magnolia
Pharmacy Help Desk
PBM is US Script, Inc.
Toll-free: 800-460-8988
Toll-free: 866-912-6285
Phone: 601-863-0700
MississippiCAN UnitedHealthcare
Pharmacy Help Desk
PBM is OptumRX
Toll-free: 877-305-8952
Toll-free: 877-743-8731


Keep in mind that MississippiCAN claims and PA requests must be submitted to the respective PBM. Submitting claims and/or prior authorization requests to Medicaid rather than to the respective plan delays the process for Medicaid, providers and beneficiaries.

 Prior Authorization Forms

Mental Health Coverage

Magnolia Mental Health Information

UnitedHealthcare Mental Health Information

OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions
To access OptumHealth provider directory go to: