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Civil Money Penalty Grant Awards Program

The goal of the Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Grant awards program is to facilitate the use of Federally Imposed Civil Money Penalty Funds to support activities that support, protect and benefit residents living in nursing facilities.

Only CMP fund applications that meet the statutory intent of the regulations, federal law and policy will be considered. The CMP Grant program will accept applications from:

  • certified nursing facilities,
  • academic or research institutions,
  • state, local or tribal agencies,
  • profit or not-for-profit, or
  • other types of organizations that are interested in promoting quality of care and/or quality of life for residents of nursing facilities which have been certified as meeting the requirements of participation for Medicaid and Medicare by the Mississippi State Department of Health, Bureau of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification.

Nursing home providers and stakeholders are encouraged to submit CMP grant applications for the development and implementation of quality improvement initiatives that directly or indirectly benefit nursing facility residents. Enhancement or educational grants should demonstrate current and sound evidence-based practices that promote quality of care and quality of life for nursing facility residents.


Civil Money Penalty Grant Contacts

You can contact the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM) multiple ways as listed below, including by phone, CMP Grant mailbox and fax. It is advised that you do not email forms or submit online forms with protected health information or personally identifiable information, to protect your confidentiality in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.