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Communicative Technology CMP Grant Opportunity – Updated

On April 24, 2020, CMS announced that they had developed a Communication Technology Application Template for nursing homes.

  • This template enables states to approve COVID-19 grant applications for the purpose of communication technology.
  • The communication technology grants will allow nursing home residents to engage in virtual social and telehealth visits.
  • Facilities may use up to $3,000 for communication technology. Applications that include a request of greater than $3,000 will be sent to CMS for their review before determination.
  • The communication devices include, but are not limited to: iPads, tablets, headphones, and protective coverings.
  • The devices should be shared among residents with a ratio of 1 device per 7-10 residents. Devices must be cleaned and disinfected between resident uses with an EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • The CMP Reinvestment Application Template Communicative Technology Request is available under resources at the following link:
  • Facilities should ensure that their cover letter includes all additional CMS requirements including:  the facilities’ average daily census, the device’s brand name and model,  the name of the disinfectant that will be used to sanitize the devices and a statement that the devices and accessories will be used for both virtual social and telehealth visits.
  • Medicaid requires a contract/sub-grant for the payment of CMP funds. To facilitate the sub-grant process, include the name and title of the sub-grant’s signatory for your entity.
  • All CMP Reinvestment request applications are required to be submitted electronically to the DOM CMP Grant mailbox @
  • Questions may be addressed to Gail Townsend at 601-359-5193 or

Originally published May 4; Updated May 15