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Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads/Paper Mandate

Beginning April 1, 2008, all written prescriptions for outpatient drugs prescribed to a Medicaid beneficiary must be on paper with at least one tamper-resistant feature as outlined by CMS. Beginning Oct. 1, 2008 these same prescriptions must be on paper that meets all three baseline characteristics of tamper-resistant pads.

CMS has recently issued new documents to assist with the implementation of Phase II of TRPP Implementation which is effective Oct. 1, 2008. The guidance has not changed except for the fact that computer generated prescriptions no longer need to be printed on tamper resistance paper due to new technologies that are available which include a micro-printed signature line as well as “void” pantograph which prevents copying or erasure. Be advised that prescribers must purchase new software in order to take advantage of these new technologies.

The documents below may be helpful for DOM providers: