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COVID-19 In-Person Visitation Aid Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Grant Opportunity

On September 17, 2020, CMS announced the development of a COVID-19 In-Person Visitation Aid Application Template for nursing homes to apply for CMP grants for in-person visitation aids. The purpose of this grant opportunity is to allow nursing home residents to safely engage in in-person visits.

  • This template enables states to approve COVID-19 grant applications for the purpose of in-person visitation aids.
  • Facilities should ensure that funds are only used to purchase the types of visitation aids described within the application and tent or other shelter sizes allow for social distancing to be observed.
  • Facilities may use up to $3,000 for in-person visitation aids.
  • Examples of allowable uses of CMP Funds for in-person visitation aids include: tents or other shelters for outdoor visitation, including installation (purchase and/or rental), and clear dividers (e.g., plexiglass or similar product) including installation.
  • Surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected between resident use with an EPA approved disinfectant.
  • Facilities should also ensure that appropriate Life Safety Code requirements found at 42 CFR 483.90 are met, unless waived under the Public Health Emergency Declaration and work with state officials to determine the appropriate level of visitation restrictions within available guidelines from the CDC (e.g., limiting the number of individuals visiting with any one resident).
  • The CMP Reinvestment Application Template In-Person Visitation Aid Request is available under resources at the following link:
  • Medicaid requires a contract/sub-grant for the payment of CMP funds. To facilitate the sub-grant process, include the name and title of the sub-grant’s signatory for your entity.
  • Quarterly, Five Day, and Final Reports are not required for this COVID-19 CMP Grant.
  • All CMP Reinvestment request applications are required to be submitted electronically to the DOM CMP Grant mailbox at
  • Questions may be addressed to the DOM CMP Grant mailbox at