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MMIS Replacement Project FAQs

(FAQs Updated August 31, 2022)

What if important emails from Gainwell go to my spam folder?

Read the linked Tip Sheet for completing Safe Sender email setup to prevent emails from getting flagged as spam.

Why can’t I use my old provider ID?

The MESA system does not have the ability to process claims with the old provider ID (which is 8 characters in length).

Why do I now have more than one provider ID when I only used to have one before?

The new system requires that each service location and taxonomy combination have its own unique provider ID to correctly process claims. Additionally, if you were affiliated with a CCO, the system may have assigned an additional ID for Encounter processing for UHC, Molina or Magnolia if the service location or taxonomy were different than the ones for your Medicaid ID.

Why am I getting this letter as I do not submit claims, the CCO processes everything for me?

Since credentialing is now going to be centralized, providers will no longer have to be credentialed by the CCOs individually. Providers will be recredentialed and revalidated within the MESA system.

Why do I have a new Taxonomy code?

The new system has been designed to operate with specific taxonomy codes. Your assigned taxonomy code was derived from your current provider type and specialty information.

Will my provider & specialty type no longer be valid?

No they are no longer valid for use in processing in the new MESA system.

Which web browser can I use for the new portal?

The new portal can be accessed with standard web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

May I use my old credentials to access the new MESA portal on 10/03/22?

No you will not be able to use your current credentials to access the new portal. You will need to register on the new portal to create a new secure account.

Will I need to register for each provider ID?

Yes, each provider ID must be registered for the new MESA provider portal.

Will paper applications be accepted for enrollments after 10/03/22?

No, the new provider enrollment system is completely electronic and accessible via the MESA provider portal.

Will I be able to update my information on the portal?

Yes, you will have the ability to update information on the new MESA provider portal.

Will I now need to enroll again into the new system?

No you will not be required to enroll into the new system unless you need a new service location and/ or taxonomy code.

How do I download or access my Remittance Advice from the new portal?

You will be able to retrieve your remittance advice by downloading them from the new MESA provider portal.

Will I still be able to receive my paper RA?

Paper RAs will no longer be distributed but can be downloaded from the new MESA provider portal.

Will I be able to submit my claims to the new portal?

Yes, the new MESA provider portal will allow you to submit your fee for service claims in real time.

Will I be able to check the status of a members Medicaid eligibility?

Yes, the new MESA provider portal will allow for real time Medicaid member eligibility inquiries.

Who should I contact if I am having issues with the new portal?

Gainwell will be providing support on issues and questions regarding the new MESA provider portal beginning 10/03/22. Contact information will be provided on the new MESA provider portal.

How do I access training material, and will there be training provided on new portal?

Training material will be posted to the Gainwell learning management system in addition to provider workshops and webinars.

Can I still submit my paper claims?

Yes, paper claims submission will still be accepted and can submitted to the current PO Box address.

How do I submit a prior authorization?

Pharmacy PAs can be submitted via the new MESA provider portal and Medical PAs will still be accepted by the current process.

What will be the last day that I can submit an enrollment to Mississippi Envision?

The provider application and all supporting documentation must be received by Conduent no later than August 15, 2022.

Why is my provider name cut off in the letter?

The MS Envision system only allows for the retention of the first 35 characters of a provider name. The new MESA system will allow 50 characters.

What is my revalidation due date going to be in the new system?

Your revalidation and recredentialing date will be viewable on the new MESA provider portal.

How will the new taxonomy code assigned to me impact the claims that I submit?

The new MESA taxonomy does not define the specific type of provider you are. A limited list of taxonomies was defined for MESA and each taxonomy includes processing rules for multiple specific taxonomies. Your current type and specialty were converted into the appropriate taxonomy needed for correct MESA processing. The new assigned taxonomy specified in the letter will be used for enrollment as well as claims processing in MESA to ensure that you are covered for the same services and reimbursement that you had in the previous system. All claims submitted must contain the taxonomy code that you have been assigned in the MESA system. Please refer to the companion guides listed on the MESA MMIS Replacement Project web page which can be found at

Why am I receiving this letter with a MS Medicaid ID as I do not provide services for MS Medicaid?

You may be currently enrolled in one of the MS Division of Medicaid’s contracted Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), (Magnolia/Centene, Molina and/or United Healthcare) in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which may be the reason for your receipt of the New Enrollment Welcome letter. The new MESA system requires that all Medicaid and CHIP providers be enrolled with the MS Division of Medicaid. After October 3, 2022, you will be sent a notice when it is time for you to re-credential or re-validate in the MESA system. Providers who have received this letter and do not bill claims for Mississippi Medicaid beneficiaries do not need to take any action.

How do I disenroll as a provider from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)?

CHIP is currently administered by two coordinated care organizations (CCOs) for Mississippi, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan and Molina Healthcare. Prior to November 1, 2019, CHIP was administered by Magnolia Health Plan. The provider should contact the CCO they are affiliated with to initiate the disenrollment process. The following contact information is provided below:

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Toll-free: 877-743-8731

Molina Healthcare
Toll Free: 844-809-8438

Magnolia Health Plan
Toll-free: 866-912-6285

How do I correct my address listed on the New Enrollment Welcome letter I received from Gainwell Technologies?

Medicaid providers should download the appropriate change of address form from the Mississippi Envision website,, and complete following the instructions on the form within 30 days of any such change. CHIP providers should contact the CCO that they are enrolled with to report any address changes to their CHIP provider numbers.