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Pharmacy Permit Renewal Update

The Division of Medicaid (DOM) has been notified that the Board of Pharmacy is encountering delays processing bi-annual pharmacy permit renewals. Pharmacies enrolled in the MS Medicaid program must be in good standing with their regulatory authority to be a Medicaid provider. Due to the delay with the permit renewal process at the Board of Pharmacy, DOM will extend the deadline for submission of updated permit renewals from Dec. 31, 2013, to Feb. 28, 2014. This extension will allow MS Medicaid pharmacy providers to continue to  provide services for MS Medicaid beneficiaries.

Please note that once the Board of Pharmacy is current in issuing permits, DOM will verify that all Medicaid enrolled pharmacies and pharmacy based DMEs have provided a copy of their updated pharmacy permit updated their files. DOM will recoup monies paid during this grace period for those pharmacy providers without a valid pharmacy permit during Jan. – Feb. 2014.

To ensure your MS Medicaid provider file is updated, follow the instructions below as soon as you get your updated Board of Pharmacy permit. Fax the following information to Xerox’ Provider Enrollment toll-free at 1- 888-495-8169:

1. Cover sheet to include:

  • Provider name,
  • MS Medicaid provider number(s): if you are going to use the pharmacy license to update both pharmacy and pharmacy based DME numbers, please indicate that on the cover sheet. Otherwise, only the pharmacy license will be updated. 
  • NPI(s) 
  • Servicing pharmacy location email address, 
  • Phone number, and 
  • Fax number. 

2. Copy of the renewed license/permit from the Board of Pharmacy.

If you encounter problems faxing documents or if there are questions, call Xerox at 1-800-884-3222.
NOTE: Do not fax these documents to DOM as they will be returned to you and not routed to Xerox.