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Reporting Requirements

Eligibility Reporting Requirements

When a person accepts a Medicaid card, that person (or his or her representative) must report all changes in either income or resources that could affect his or her eligibility.  These changes should be reported to the Medicaid regional office that serves his or her home county. These changes may be made by calling, writing or visiting the Medicaid regional office. All changes MUST be reported within 10 days after the change happens (or within 10 days after the beneficiary realizes the change has taken place.)  Failure to report a change may result in the beneficiary receiving the wrong Medicaid benefits.

Someone who is eligible for Medicaid or CHIP must report changes that could affect Medicaid or CHIP eligibility. Changes to report include:

  • Income: A change in the amount of income the beneficiary’s household receives. This can be an increase or decrease in income from wages, self-employment or any type of income received such as retirement benefits, contributions, state or federal benefits or other income received within the household. A change in the source and/or amount of income for a household member must be reported within 10 days of the change.
  • Address or Living Arrangement: A change in address or a change in someone’s living arrangement must be reported. A Medicaid or CHIP recipient who moves in or out of the household or enters or leaves a nursing or medical facility must be reported within 10 days of the change.
  • Family Size: A change in family size. A marriage, divorce, death or a child moving into or out of a household must be reported.
  • Resource Changes: For aged, blind or disabled individuals, any change in what a household member owns must be reported. If a Medicaid recipient buys, sells or gives away anything of value that he/she owns, the change must be reported within 10 days of the change. Resources include property someone owns or has an interest in including home property, money in the bank or on hand, stocks, bonds or any item of value.
  • Improvements in Disability: For aged, blind or disabled individuals, any improvements in disability, especially improvements that affect Medicare entitlement or disability benefits must be reported.

Nursing Home Recipients
If deductions are claimed from the amount paid to the facility in the form of “Medicaid Income” for a health insurance premium or other allowable medical expense, any changes in the amount of these deductions must be reported. If a premium amount changes or if an insurance policy is canceled, it must be reported.

How to Report Eligibility Changes or Updates

Changes affecting Medicaid or CHIP eligibility may be reported in a variety of ways:

  • By Email: Email the change or update to:
  • By Fax: Fax the information to the Bureau of Eligibility at: (601) 576-4164
  • By Phone: Call the regional office that handles your case at the number, or the Bureau of Eligibility toll-free at (800) 421-2408

Beneficiaries Who Have Other Health Insurance Reporting Requirements

Any change in other health insurance coverage must be reported. If someone on Medicaid or CHIP gains coverage through other health insurance or if a Medicaid recipient loses coverage through other health insurance, report this event within 10 days of the change. Medicaid recipients and providers are required to report any health-related insurance coverage, so claims are submitted to the primary payer before Medicaid makes payment.

How to Report Other Health Insurance Information Changes or Updates

Changes or updates to your health insurance information may be reported in a variety of ways.

By Email
Choose the appropriate form below to send an email with your updated health insurance information. Fill out the form, and submit the completed form by clicking  on the “click here to send by email” button on the bottom left of the form.

By Fax
Fill out the Insurance Update Form below, and fax the completed form to the Bureau of Recovery at: (601) 359-6294.

By Mail
Fill out the Insurance Update Form below, and mail the completed form to:

Mississippi Division of Medicaid
Bureau of Recovery
Walter Sillers Building
550 High Street, Suite 1000
Jackson, MS 39201-1399

By Phone
Call to update your health insurance information.

  • Insurance Company Name: B, D, E, J through K, R
    Phone (601) 359-6080
  • Insurance Company Name: A, F through I, P
    Phone (601) 359-6097
  • Insurance Company Name: C, L through O, S,T
    Phone 601) 359-6121
  • Insurance Company Name: Q, U through Z
    Phone (601) 359-2345