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Nursing Facilities and Case Mix Reimbursement

Nursing Facilities

The Division of Medicaid (DOM) Office of Long Term Care is responsible for monitoring an interagency agreement with the Mississippi State Department of Health, Bureau of Health Facilities Licensure and Certification (HFLC). As part of the agreement, HFLC surveys nursing facilities. DOM has the discretion to impose civil monetary penalties and other recommendations made by HFLC on nursing facilities enrolled as Medicaid providers that are out of compliance with the state and federal regulations.

Case Mix Reimbursement

The Office of Long Term Care is also responsible for the Nursing Facility Case Mix Reimbursement program which ensures accuracy of nursing facility resident assessment data used to establish resident classification and nursing facility reimbursement payment rates.


  • For case mix roster questions, call the Myers and Stauffer help desk toll-free at 800-773-8609.
  • For case mix review questions, call the Office of Long Term Care at 601-359-6141.
  • For nursing facility questions, call Division of Medicaid Office of Long Term Care at: 601-359-6141.
  • Please refer to the Mississippi Administrative Code Title 23 Medicaid, Part 207 Chapter 2 Nursing Facility for additional information.