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EVV for Home Health Care Services

What is considered Home Health Care Services (HHCS)?

The 21st Century Cures Act defines home health care services requiring EVV as any services requiring an in-home visit as described in section 1905(a)(7) of the SSA and provided under the state plan or under a waiver of the state plan (such as a Section 1915(c) waiver or a waiver under a Section 1115 demonstration).

How is Mississippi Implementing EVV for Home Health Care Services (HHCS)?

DOM will be implementing HHCS through an open hybrid model through FEI Systems and HHAeXchange (HHAX). Providers will have the option to utilize the free provider portal offered by HHAX or integrate their existing 3rd party EVV.

When will Mississippi finish implementing EVV for Home Health Care Services (HHCS)?

Good Faith Effort Exemption (GFE) Request for Home Health Services – The Cures Act includes a provision that allows states to delay implementation of EVV for up to one year if they can demonstrate they have made a good faith effort to comply with EVV requirements and have encountered unavoidable delays. DOM submitted a GFE Request Form on behalf of the State of Mississippi and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) granted approval. The GFE approval extends the final deadline for implementing EVV for Home Care Services to Jan. 1, 2024. Mississippi will implement EVV for all HHCS in December 2023.


What are the Steps for Phase 2 implementation in December?

MS EVV implementation with HHAeXchange for State Plan Home Health Care Services will go live in December 2023!

Information on the implementation including forms, welcome packets, and training materials are available on the HHAeXchange Mississippi State Info Hub at

EVV Upgrade Phase II Go-Live Planned for December 2023

Letter to Phase II Providers

STEP 1: Initial Set Up

The first step for all providers will be to fill out the Mississippi Medicaid – HHAeXchange EVV Provider Set Up Form to identify yourself as a provider in-scope for this implementation.

Following the completion of the form, providers should receive their welcome packet.

STEP 2: Training (Webinars and Learning Management System) for State Plan Providers

DOM and HHAX will be training providers on the new EVV system utilizing a train the trainer model through multiple methods listed below.

  • Informational Sessions: Provider administrators participated in recorded informational sessions on October 17th, October 19th, and October 23rd. The recording of that session is available under the “Informational Sessions” link on the left side of the State Info Hub website.
  • Training Webinars: Provider Administrators will participate in recorded training webinars in November 2023. More information on training as well as the registration link is available under the “Training” link on the list side of the State Info Hub website.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): All provider agencies who have completed a Provider Setup Survey will receive a single set of credentials to log into the
  • Job Aids/Handouts: Aid documentation is available in the LMS once providers complete the assigned coursework.
  • Lunch and Learns: Following implementation, HHAX will host a variety of webinars to address specific topics for providers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs are available on the Medikey and eLTSS homepages as well as the HHAX MS State Info Hub at:

STEP 3: Setup and Access

Providers who have completed the set up form by October 25 will receive their portal login credentials by go-live. At that time, they will be able to login to their free HHAeXchange provider portal and add additional staff/users. Providers who complete their forms after October 25 will have their portals created on a rolling basis. This process takes 7-10 business days. Once the portal is created, credentials will be emailed to the administrator listed on the set up form.
To get your Direct Care Workers/Caregivers loaded, you can either manually create them (Caregiver > New Caregiver), or us the Caregiver Bulk Import Process linked here:

STEP 4: Training on Claims Mandate for Phase 1 Providers

More information will be sent out to providers in their HHAX Communications/Messaging Portal regarding training for the claims transition.