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The Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM)’s Office of Third Party Recovery is charged with the task of identifying and recovering funds by means of collections from third persons by either assignment or subrogation. DOM has contracted with Health Management Systems (HMS) to act as its collection vendor to facilitate and enforce the agency’s statutory right to recovery. HMS manages all case and lien valuations for DOM’s fee-for-service casualty cases.

Pursuant to federal and state law, DOM must seek the recovery of funds spent on any Mississippi Medicaid beneficiary’s medical care whenever there is a responsible third party.  Mississippi law creates an automatic right of recovery and outlines the distribution method for any funds recovered in a personal injury or casualty case. See Miss. Code Ann. § 43-13-125.

Filing a Medicaid claim

SOLARIS PLUS is HMS’ online service for new referrals. SOLARIS PLUS, which is found at, provides users with a more transparent view of their cases with increased functionality:

  • Create New Cases
  • Submit or Route Medical Authorizations to Clients Via DocuSign
  • Request Information
  • Upload Documents
  • Review Claims
  • Request Compromises
  • Submit Claim Disputes
  • Obtain Claim/Lien Amounts

For assistance, contact HMS at 888-378-2836.

If at any point your submission is unsuccessful through the web portal, please print the error page, attach it to your letter of representation and send it to


Mississippi Coordinated Access Program (MississippiCAN) and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Claims

For any CHIP or MississippiCAN beneficiary, the enrollee will be enrolled in either UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, Molina Healthcare or Magnolia Health. Please contact the appropriate provider concerning lien information or any potential claim.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Optum: 866-728-9854
Fax: 800-842-8810

Magnolia Health
The Rawlings Group: 888-285-1276
Fax: 502-753-6888

Molina Healthcare
Equian: 800-877-6876
Fax: 248-443-4804