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Enrollment Reports
The reports listed below include enrollment numbers for the following populations: children (foster care, DHS and k-babies), aged, blind & disabled, adults (parents, pregnant women and adult refugees), family planning waiver, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the total for all populations.

The Medicaid enrollment report reflects the population counts when the report is generated at the end of the month. The MississippiCAN enrollment report represents the number of beneficiaries at the beginning of the month.

Medicaid Enrollment Coordinated Care Enrollment
Medicaid 2022 calendar year MississippiCAN 2022
Medicaid 2021 calendar year MississippiCAN 2021
Medicaid 2020 calendar year MississippiCAN 2020
Medicaid 2019 calendar year MississippiCAN 2019
Medicaid 2018 calendar year MississippiCAN 2018
Medicaid 2017 calendar year MississippiCAN 2017
Medicaid 2016 calendar year MississippiCAN 2016
Medicaid 2015 calendar year MississippiCAN 2014, 2015
Medicaid 2014 calendar year
Medicaid 2013 calendar year
Medicaid 2012 calendar year
Medicaid 2011 calendar year





Eligibility Guidelines


Home and Community Based Services: Long Term Care Waivers

Annual Reports

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Interagency Agreements

CMS 416: Annual EPSDT Participation Reports