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Drug Utilization Review Board

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid’s Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board is a quality assurance body which seeks to assure appropriate drug therapy to include optimal beneficiary outcomes and appropriate education for physicians, pharmacists, and the beneficiary. The DUR Board is composed of twelve participating physicians and pharmacists who are active Medicaid providers and in good standing with their representative organizations.

The Board reviews utilization of drug therapy and evaluates the long-term success of the treatments.

DUR Board Meeting Information

The Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board meets quarterly. Meetings are at 2 p.m. in the Woolfolk Building Room 145, 501 North West Street, Jackson, MS. The meeting schedule:

  • 2017: Feb. 2, April 27, July 27, Nov. 2 Meeting rescheduled: Nov. 9

DUR Board Meeting Resources

DUR Board Information DUR Board Packets & Meeting Minutes Archive

Date Packets Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2017 Packets Minutes
April 27, 2017 Packets Minutes
Feb. 2, 2017 Packets Minutes
Sept. 29, 2016 Packets Minutes
July 21, 2016 Packets Minutes
April 14, 2016 Packets Minutes
Jan. 21, 2016 Packets Minutes
Nov. 5, 2015 Packets Minutes
Aug. 6, 2015 Packets Minutes
May 7, 2015 Packets Minutes
Feb. 5, 2015 Packets Minutes
Nov. 20, 2014 Packets Minutes
Aug. 21, 2014 Packets Minutes
May 15, 2014 Packets Minutes
Feb. 13, 2014 Packets Minutes


Mississippi Evidence-Based DUR Initiative

The Mississippi Evidence-Based DUR Initiative (MS-DUR) performs the retrospective drug utilization review (DUR) for the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. MS-DUR supports the function of the DUR Board by performing in-depth analyses using pharmacy and medical claims data to encourage evidence-based appropriate use of medications in the Mississippi Medicaid population. MS-DUR reviews claims data monitors FDA-based safety information to ensure quality care is delivered to Medicaid beneficiaries. Based on activities of the DUR Board and claims reviews, MS-DUR provides educational outreach to health care practitioners on drug therapy to improve prescribing and dispensing practices for Mississippi Division or Medicaid beneficiaries.

The MS-DUR website has resources for providers, including the “Mississippi Medicaid Pharmacy Update” newsletters and special initiatives developed to assist providers in selecting therapy, like the “Medicaid Cough and Cold Quick List.”