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Mississippi Medicaid pharmacy plans and information

Mississippi Medicaid pharmacy billing for fee-for-service, coordinated care and Children’s Health Insurance Plans (CHIP)

It has come to our attention that some CHIP members are encountering problems getting their medications. Be advised that effective Jan. 1, 2015, CHIP members may be enrolled in either Magnolia Health or United Healthcare. For your easy reference, below is a chart of Pharmacy plan billing information for MississippiCAN, traditional or fee-for-service Medicaid and CHIP.

Please print and post this chart nearby for a quick, easy reference.

PlanClaims processorBIN (Banking info. #)PCN (Processor control #)Group IDPharmacy POS claims helpdeskPA helpdeskPharmacy PA fax
Medicaid – fee for serviceConduent610084 DRMSPROD/SIPPI N/A 800-884-3222877-537-0722877-537-0720
Magnolia Health Plan – CANEnvolve008019 N/A 14101 800-460-8988866-399-0928866-399-0929
United Healthcare – CANOptumRX 610494 9999 ACUMS 877-305-8952800-310-6826866-940-7328
CHIP MagnoliaEnvolve008019 MSCHIP 14101 800-460-8988866-399-0928866-399-0929
CHIP United HealthcareOptumRX 610494 9999 ACUMS 877-305-8952800-310-6826866-940-7328