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Copay Information

If you qualify for Mississippi Medicaid health benefits, some medical services may require a copay (small fee).

Copays are not required from these groups of people:

  • children under the age of 18
  • pregnant women
  • individuals in nursing homes or facilities

Copays are not required for these services:

  • family planning
  • emergency services in an emergency room
  • annual physical exam

Copay Amounts

The following copays are paid to the provider at the time of service:

Ambulanceper trip$3
Dentalper trip$3
Durable medical equipment, orthotics and prostheticsup to$3
Eyeglassesper pair$3
Federally qualified health centerper visit$3
Home healthper visit$3
Hospital inpatientper day$10
Hospital outpatientper visit$3
Physicianper visit$3
Prescription drugsper prescription for generic drugs$3
Prescription drugsper prescription for name brand drugs$3
Rural health clinicper visit$3